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the label
"Rabbit with a protective hand"


The label "Hare with protective hand" is an internationally registered trademark of the International Manufacturers Association against Animal Experiments in Cosmetics e.V.
The label "Hare with protective hand" will be awarded to the cosmetics manufacturer only if he has each individual raw material with supplier information independently from the German Animal Protection Association e.V., Bonn has checked. If you see us as the "hare with a protective hand" on our products, this means that the manufacturer complies with the guidelines of the German Animal Welfare Association.

  Here the guidelines of the German animal protection federation e.V .:

  1. Make a legally binding declaration that
    1. no animal experiments are carried out for the development and production of the final products
    2. No raw materials are processed that have been tested in animal experiments after the cut-off date 1.1.1979. It is crucial that the substances were on the market before 1.1.1979, regardless of whether they had been tested in animals before that time. Substances that came on the market after this time must not have been tested in animals. However, neither we nor the producers listed in the positive list can prevent a synthetic substance that was on the market before 1.1.1979 or a natural or edible raw material from being tested by third parties after the cut-off date of 1.1.1979 or will.
      Unless they are unrelated to the company concerned, the listed producers are therefore permitted to continue to use the substance in question,
    3. do not use raw materials obtained by animal cruelty or killed for animals (such as mink oil)
    4. There is no economic dependence on other companies that carry out or commission animal experiments
  2. Submission of a detailed list of raw materials with supplier information
  3. Complete statement of the contents of all products on the respective packaging or in the catalogs. If the ingredients are not listed, please ask the company and let us know.
  4. If the manufacturer deliberately makes false statements, he faces a contractual penalty of up to
    10.000, - Euro.

Further information on this topic can be found on the website of the association: